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Best Parental Control Software to Keep Your Child Safe Online free

The use of parental control software and mobile apps is becoming increasingly popular among parents who wish to keep their children safe online. Here's where you can get help.

Safe Social Networking Sites for Kids

Kids Social Network - Safe Social Networking Sites for Kids

The internet is not a secure environment. So let's face it: our children are exposed to a wide range of risks, and more than that, they are at risk of experiencing a variety of negative outcomes. And, on occasion, these are circumstances that we do not feel are possible for our own children to experience. Before it is too late, we must implement parental controls and ensure that children are protected when they are online. 

According to the article "Keep Your Child Safe Online," published by PC Mag, there are various methods of parental control available. There are three types of parental control apps: classic parental control, mobile parental control, and social parental control. It is highly logical that parents employ the available controls to safeguard the safety of their children, especially in light of the current situation. 

According to the article, traditional parental control includes the most basic parental control application and restricts access to improper websites, with the opportunity for parents to choose which websites to restrict access to. It also restricts the amount of time spent on the internet, establishing established timetables such as the time of day when children are permitted to access the internet. However, there are also complex systems that do much more, such as restricting access to games, monitoring instant messaging, and pushing control up to cover all devices through a home router's network interface. These are the parental control software packages: AVG Family Safety, B Secure Online v6.16, and others. 

All online configuration data is also stored by McAfee Family Protection 2.0 and Safe Eyes 6.0, in addition to the previously mentioned data. It is possible for parents to see this configuration information from any computer, and the changes are immediately updated to all of the computers that your children are using. 

Some parental control formats are only available in hardware configurations. This system applies web content filters and internet time schedules to all internet-capable devices in your home, regardless of where they are located. However, it does not have the same level of control and monitoring as computer monitoring software, which is a disadvantage. According to PC Mag, Netgear Live Parental Controls is a hardware-based parental control feature that may be used in conjunction with a Netgear router. In comparison to the previous model, the iBoss Home Parental Control Router or Firewall is more effective and can be used to replace an existing router. Netflix, on the other hand, is less effective. 

Mobile parental control apps, which can be downloaded and installed on smartphones and other mobile devices, can be used for mobile parental control. When compared to router applications, this is significantly more convenient for parents. 

Parents' favorite mobile parental control apps are listed below. 

PhoneSheriff is the next generation of parental control software for mobile phones and tablets, and it is available now. It is possible to configure particular limits for phone numbers, websites, and time periods after the software has been installed. In addition, the program can record user behaviors such as SMS text messages, phone details, and GPS position information. It is possible to access logs either on the device itself or through a secure web management panel. To learn more about all of the features, please visit – A comprehensive mobile monitoring software solution that allows you to keep track of every little detail of your children's cell phone activity is available. This program is simple to use and offers a comprehensive set of capabilities that distinguish it as the finest cell phone tracker available on the market. Monitoring and spying on mobile SMS, emails, location, calls and other activities are possible. More information can be found on their website, which is located at

Monitoring iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Nokia, and Windows Mobile phones using Mobistealth is a simple and cost-effective option. Monitor the cell phone activities of your children and send the information to your Mobistealth user account in complete secrecy. Take a look at all of the features. 

You can monitor any phone remotely and invisibly with Highster Mobile, which has a slew of exclusive features that are only available through Highster Mobile. With the application, you really have complete access and control over the phone you wish to monitor, and the best part about it is that it is completely hidden and operates in stealth mode. Take a look at all of the features. 

Nearparent: This app also has a locator. 

Parents receive an alert when their children leave the defined safety zones, thanks to the ground mobile phone and family tracker systems. 

CellSafety 2.0–This app also includes a warning that is sent to parents. 

The majority of these parental control applications are accessible for both Android and iOS devices. 

The applications for internet parental control keep children safe from cyberbullying and other hazards that lurk on social networking sites. 

The Most Effective Parental Control Software for Computers 

PC Pandora is a powerful computer surveillance software that records every activity that takes place on a computer, including web browsing. When you have software as strong as ours, you have the advantage of knowing EXACTLY what your children are doing on the Internet. PC Pandora provides you with the opportunity to view extensive screen captures and text-based data logs of all activity on the computer, allowing you to be aware of everything that occurs on it. Sign up for a free trial. 

For example, SniperSpy, in contrast to the others, allows you to remotely monitor your computer much like you would a television! Watch everything that happens on the screen in real time! Besides screenshots, the software also records text logs of chat sessions, websites visited, as well as keyboard inputs in any language. You can remotely monitor everything your child or employee does when they are using your remote computer. See the LIVE DEMO. 

It is possible to monitor everything that users do on your computer with SpyAgent, which is an award-winning, powerful computer surveillance software that operates in complete secrecy. In addition to a comprehensive set of necessary computer monitoring functions, SpyAgent also includes a website, application, and chat client filtering, lockdown scheduling, and the ability to send logs to a designated email address or FTP server. Learn more about it. 

ZoneAlarm SocialGuard-This feature informs parents when their children interact with potentially risky Facebook friends or posts. 

MinorMonitor—This program keeps track of your Facebook activities. 

uKnowKids is a social networking site that integrates MySpace and Twitter. It displays all of the posts and photographs. 

Monitoring Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Google+, and FormSpring with the option to display posts and photographs are provided by SocialShield. 

SafetyWeb is a service that keeps an eye on publicly available information. 

The KidsWatch program prevents potentially harmful and unsuitable websites, as well as allows you to set a time limit on your usage. The program also sends you real-time notifications and reports about your child's activities on social networking platforms such as Facebook and other similar sites. More information can be found at 

Because of the increasing hazards of the internet, it is beneficial to utilize parental control programs to keep children safe. These applications, to name a few of their advantages, can help you protect your children from the following: 

Pornographic content and other obnoxious websites 

Contacts who are potentially dangerous 

An excessive amount of information may be harmful to them 

Sleep deprivation as a result of excessive internet use 


As noted in the review, if you do not employ parental control, you are putting your family in a vulnerable position in public. As a result, parents must establish boundaries in their households. 

There are many different types of parental control available on the market, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. For the record, as previously indicated in this review, the boss Home Parental Control Router or Firewall is effective for hardware solution formats, although mobile and social parental control programs provide a variety of possibilities from which to choose. 

Children's Social Networking Sites That Are Safe 

Why Should You Consider a Safe Social Network for Children? 

Interestingly, the increasing popularity of our children's gadgets coincides with the development of an unquenchable interest in the internet world. This review underlines the importance of a child's social network – how our children can have fun while we, as parents, may have peace of mind. Why? Because social media sites such as Facebook can become as popular (and useful) as they can, they can also pose a significant threat to users' security. Children pose as older individuals for the purpose of registering for a social media account, and without our knowledge, they engage in relationships with complete strangers who may have terrible intentions for your innocent,t adorable children. 

We don't want to take away our children's ability to socialize with their peers, especially in the most socially acceptable manner available these days. You will find a list of safe social networking sites at the end of this review (or Facebook for kids as some would call it). Who knows, your children could even think these are even cooler than you do. 

List of Social Networks for Children Who Are Safe 

What exactly is it? 

"Protection" is our number one concern and what's what. It is unquestionably one of those sites that provides the utmost amount of security while yet maintaining an environment and online experience that is incredibly child-friendly and participatory. This kids' social network is appropriate for children aged 7 to 13 and allows them to submit images that are exclusively accessible to friends who have accepted the invitation, as well as play games, view films, and participate in other interactive activities. 

Children and parents will never be hesitant to provide their information during the sign-up process because the form is kept as minimal as possible, consisting only of their name, grade level, username, and password. When utilizing the app, a webcam is also required for the facial recognition log-in feature, which ensures that no one else can log in except you and your child. That's quite cool! 

Greetings from a Giant 

Even if your child is the type who would insist on using your Facebook in order to access and play with the game apps, you might want to consider registering them with Giant Hello, which specializes in kid-friendly social games, so that they can spend quality time with their peers on a social network. Your children will be protected from intruders posing as gamers because invitations to the network are sent out using the email addresses of people you are familiar with. 

Children's Social Network Scuttlepad is a children's social networking site for children who enjoy pretending to be adults and who like to update their social media status on a regular basis would find appealing. 

With Scuttlepad's sentence tool, you won't have to worry about your children reading and/or creating explicit postings (even if they don't comprehend what the word means). This is because the sentencing tool only enables suitable words. Photographs on photo-sharing sites are subjected to a scuttled assessment before they are ever posted. 


More commonly referred to as the "Facebook for Kids," this site allows children to personalize their profiles, as well as participate in kid-friendly chat rooms and play games online. 

Despite the fact that this kids' social networking site appears to provide your children with freedom, parents always retain complete control over the features that their children may access, including the ability to filter your children's private loop (i.e. circle of friends). 


Along the lines of Everloop, Skid-e-kids provides parents with complete parental control over the site's age-appropriate features and content. When used as a children's social network, this site, which is based on the socialization principle, provides a fun environment for children to communicate with their peers, exchange ideas and/or items (such as toys), and collaborate with their peers to complete homework assignments online. 


These games and question and answer features, which are divided into distinct "spheres," help your child's interaction with peers by not only allowing them to talk about their own areas of interest but also by allowing them to talk about their peers' areas of interest (which includes but not limited to fashion, music, sports and etc.). Parents can monitor and regulate their children's social networking activities through a portal, which allows them to allow or ban any of their children's behaviors, such as posting, on social networking sites such as Facebook. 

In the end, Imbue comes out on top because of its extremely broad range of services that your children could enjoy, including not just the conventional social networking functions (chat, status updates, photo sharing), but also extras like "profanity-free" music streaming, blogging, and more. On the other hand, can establish boundaries for these features, allowing their children to have a fun and safe social networking experience. 


The risks hiding in our social media accounts are unknown to us; adults have been known to be duped by these malicious elements; how much more so our children, who may not be able to distinguish between right and wrong at this point. As a result, we offer them a safe virtual environment to play in by enrolling them in at least one of these children's social networking sites. May this evaluation not only provide you with newfound confidence but also inspire you to ask other parents to participate in the same way.

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