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Tips for Keeping Your Child Safe on the Fourth of July 

Independence Day is just a few weeks away, and the air is already filled with excitement as anticipation builds. As we load up on food for the long-awaited barbeque and

Cyber Bullying Statistics

Independence Day is just a few weeks away, and the air is already filled with excitement as anticipation builds. As we load up on food for the long-awaited barbeque and pour our hearts and souls into the preparations for the holiday season, there is one item that frequently escapes our minds and gets forgotten in the midst of the general frenzy. 


As much as the Christmas season is a time of joy and celebration, it is also a time when we let our guard come down a bit. A large number of people, parades, raucous applause, pyrotechnics, and the general frantic atmosphere of the celebration all combine to provide the ideal environment for anything to go wrong. As a parent, you are more aware than anyone else of the importance of keeping your children on the radar during such large-scale occurrences, even if it is only for a split second. 

Because I was one of the children whose parents were absolutely separated from them on a family holiday, I believe no parent can be completely prepared for something like that. Although there are no guarantees, you should take some precautions and educate yourself on the subject so that you can deal with such occurrences in the most effective way possible or avoid them entirely. 

What Are the Most Common Holiday Dangers for Children? 

Let's be honest about this. Everyone and everything, in the eyes of their parents, appears to be a possible concern when it comes to children. However, sadly, some of those worries are realized, and accidents do occur. This is especially true when you're in the midst of a national holiday celebration! In some ways, the 4th of July customs resemble a "holy trinity," in that they evoke not only an air of freedom and independence but also a fragrance of peril and danger: 

In parades, They are exhilarating, stunning, and incredibly crowded at all times. It is very simple for toddlers to become entangled in the throngs of people and become disoriented. Pickpockets and kidnappers will find it to be an ideal crime scene as well. 

Fireworks and sparkles are in order. It goes without saying that there is a significant fire hazard. Maintain as much distance between the fireworks and the youngsters as possible, even if it is a special bonding moment for the family to light the fireworks together. While you may want to give them a sparkler to keep the enchantment continuing, make sure to keep an eye out for it until it is out of their hands completely. 

Drinks to mark the occasion When there is alcohol involved, things rarely go as planned. If you could get hundreds of people to drink at the same time, you might have a tale that is worthy of being published. And it's most likely not a joyful one. 

Keep an eye out for missing people and kidnappings during the holiday season.

It should come as no surprise that the majority of missing person instances involve youngsters under the age of 18. According to the Statista Research Department, children under the age of 21 accounted for more than 73 percent of those reported missing in the United States during the calendar year 2019.

In reality, a large number of such children are either lost or abducted because they walk off and get lost, or because they run away on their own after experiencing some form of emotional anguish. Young minds frequently elicit a strong emotional response in young minds, which leads to them taking off on a whim. 

Nancy McBride, executive director of Florida Outreach at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, told USA Today that out of the 20,500 cases of missing adolescents they worked with, 90 percent were runaways. She also stated that a significant proportion of such incidents were centered on technology, as the children were enticed away by means of social media and instant message services. Because of this, it is critical to monitor your child's online behavior and to be aware of whom they are communicating with. 

The silver lining in this situation is that the vast majority of such cases result in the youngster being reunited with his or her family. The taste of stress and anxiety, on the other hand, will linger in the mouths of both the parents and the child for years to come. As a result, try your hardest not to let things reach that stage. 

What happens when the child is taken is a completely different tale, however. Despite the fact that it doesn't happen very often, there are seasonal bursts when we can detect an increase in these types of situations. According to the National Incidence Studies of Missing, Abducted, Runaway, and Throwaway Children (SMART), children are abducted throughout the summer months, accounting for approximately 41 percent of all child abduction cases. As a result, it is critical to maintaining a high level of alertness throughout the year, including (but not limited to) vacation periods. 

Ensure the safety of your child during the holiday season. 

Despite the fact that the figures are pretty frightening, don't become overly concerned about them. You may avoid situations like this by anticipating them and taking appropriate action. You can be cautious while still having a good time over the Christmas season. You can take the following precautions to ensure that you have an accident-free weekend: 

Talk to your child about the importance of safety. Not only do you need to know what to do to safeguard your children, but your children also need to understand the fundamentals of what to do in an emergency circumstance. 

Inform them of the upcoming fireworks. When people are too close to pyrotechnics, they might suffer not just from severe burns or mechanical injuries, but also from major hearing damage. After you've finished with your pyrotechnics, soak them in water before throwing them away. 

They will be informed of your location and how they can reach you. If kids are separated during the parade, agree on a meeting point where you can reunite in case they get separated. Provide instructions on how to contact the police if necessary. Inform them not to rely on random individuals on the street, but rather to seek assistance from a store or other type of service facility where they may speak with a representative. 

Make certain they understand how to contact you. They should be able to tell you where you live and what phone number to call like the back of their hand. 

They purchased a GPS tracking device for their phone. Even small children these days have their own smartphones, which can be used to track their whereabouts if you know where they are. They should configure their phone with a reputable GPS tracker and ensure that the location tracking feature is active on the device. 

From the perspective of a police officer, some words of wisdom 

The following are a few basic guidelines provided by officers from the Los Angeles Police Department that will assist you and your child find their way back together if you and your youngster become separated from a large group of people. 

First and foremost, put your phone number or other contact information on their arm and cover it with a liquid band-aid to prevent them from seeing it. A basic sharpie can be easily smudged or rubbed off, but a band-aid will form a long-lasting protective coating against the elements. 

The experts also recommended that you snap a photo of your child at his or her full height before leaving for any important activities. As a result, if they become separated from their belongings, having a visual reference of what they were wearing on that particular day will make it easier for the authorities to locate them. 

Having a Good Time While Staying Safe 

Each of us wants to enjoy our holiday time and make some wholesome memories that we can share with our families over holiday feasts. Don't forget to plan ahead of time for safety in order to ensure that the celebration runs as smoothly as possible. Prepare your children for an emergency by instructing them on what to do in an emergency, making sure they know how to call you, and installing GPS tracking software on their phones just in case. Have a happy and safe Fourth of July! 

Cyberbullying Facts and Figures.

The data on cyberbullying demonstrates that modern technology, such as the internet and mobile devices, can pose a significant threat to children and teenagers alike. Our world has become increasingly interconnected as a result of the internet, and this has occurred primarily for beneficial reasons, such as commerce and sociability. However, the same site has been transformed into a refuge for bullies, resulting in innocent users, particularly children, no longer feeling safe online. As a result, it is critical for concerned parents to not only be aware of the facts but also devise strategies for preventing cyberbullying. 

Cyberbullying Statistics for the Year 2019 

According to statistics on cyberbullying, more than half of kids who use social media have been the target of open bullying on the platform. This demonstrates that bullying is, in reality, a significant problem that impacts not only the targeted person but also those in their immediate vicinity. According to cyberbullying data, more than a third of victims have feelings of vengeance, a comparable number experience feelings of anger, and over 20% experience feelings of helplessness. 

Some noteworthy facts from a recent survey that you should be aware of are as follows:

Approximately one-quarter of teenagers indicate that they have been subjected to persistent bullying via their cell phones or the internet. 

One in every ten adolescents and teens has admitted to having embarrassing or damaging images shot without the subject's knowledge or consent, according to a survey. 

One-third (33%) of the young people who reported cyber bullying incidents against them said their bullies made online threats to their safety.

A whopping 95% of kids who have witnessed bullying on social media claim that others, like them, have chosen to overlook the behavior they witnessed. 

When it comes to cyberbullying, more than half of the young people surveyed said they never tell their parents about what is going on. 

More information on the results of this poll can be found at 

You might also be interested in reading about pornography addiction statistics. 

The Consequences of Cyberbullying 

In addition, some evidence suggests that the victims suffer long-term consequences, just as they would in the case of face-to-face bullying. The following are the most common side effects: 


Insecurities about one's own abilities 

School failure and avoidance are two common outcomes. 



use of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs.

Violence or suicide are also options. 

Furthermore, these victims find it difficult to adjust socially and emotionally, and as a result, they have trouble maintaining healthy relationships. For this reason, the harm is more severe because it affects a large audience, involves personal ties, spreads like wildfire, and occurs on widely used social media platforms. 

In addition, you might be interested in reading "Signs That Your Child Might Be a Victim of Cyberbullying."

How to Avoid Being Bullied on the Internet 

Although the statistics on cyberbullying suggest that it is a problem that requires the attention of local authorities, parents and teens can take steps to prevent cyberbullying from occurring in their homes and schools. One of the most important things that parents can do is talk to their children about the dangers of bullying and the consequences of doing so. Additionally, they must urge children to report incidents of online harassment and retain the bullying communications as evidence, particularly if the messages are threatening or of a sexually suggestive character. 

It might also be a good idea to block the bully by changing your email address or phone number and to use caution when sharing your new address or phone number with others. Additionally, passwords should be kept secret and only shared with parents, and information should be limited to topics that are generally accessible to the public and not of a personal or graphic nature. In light of the fact that data on cyber-bullying suggests that the younger an individual is when bullied, the more vital it is for parents to delay introducing their children to the internet or otherwise restrict their use of the internet. 

Because there is a high likelihood that children who are being bullied will not disclose the incident of cyberbullying, there are numerous tools available today to determine whether or not your child is being bullied. This is especially important if you notice sudden behavioral changes in your child. There is a plethora of parental control software available right now for both PCs and mobile devices, and you may choose to make use of one of these programs. SpyAgent, Realtime-Spy, and PC Pandora are among the most popular options for PCs, while SPY24, T-SPY, iKeyMonitor, Highster Mobile, and MobiStealth are some of the best options for mobile devices. These programs can really function in both directions, determining whether or not your child is being bullied, as well as whether or not your child is engaging in cyberbullying behaviors. 


Despite the fact that cyberbullying has become so widespread, the damage it causes can be mitigated via collective accountability. Every individual has a responsibility to educate others about cyberbullying statistics and facts in order for things to change as a result of increased awareness of the issue. Basic efforts, such as word of mouth, can make a significant difference in reducing this harassment. 

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